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Terms & Conditions

No Minimum Order: We have no minimum order policy. All orders under twelve pieces are subject to piece price. All orders under $100.00 will be subject to service charge of $10.00 per order. All sample orders must be pre-paid & cannot be returned.

Terms: All orders are subject to 50% deposit and 50% before shipping. All orders must be paid by Bank Check, Money Orders, Wire Transfer or Credit Cards. We charge a fee of 3% for all non-cash transactions if not paid by Bank Check or Money Orders or Wire Transfers. Distributor / Dealer discount will be reduced by 2% of MSRP for all credit card orders. All products, colors, specifications, availability, prices and terms & conditions are subject to change without any notice. All orders will be shipped at prices in effect at the time of ordering. Terms on buyers PO are void. All past due accounts will be subject to extra charge of 2% per month on the invoice if terms are granted on approved credit. Customer will be responsible for full payment once the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. Purchaser agrees to pay all collection cost / legal fees for past due / unpaid invoices. No COD orders. We reserve the right to refuse service. We do not advise customers what to purchase we only provide product information for you to decide before placing your orders.

Delivery: Estimated ship date will be confirmed upon receiving all necessary order details & required deposit. Most standard blank products are shipped within 2-5 working days and larger quantities may take longer time & subject to change without notice. Production time fluctuate and may be longer for custom express products, orders with decorations, during peak season and for larger quantities. Please call us for available current delivery schedule. Every effort is made to ship your complete order on time, however, estimated ship date means a day when your order may leave from our premises. Please check transit time with FEDEX / UPS. We do not guarantee shipment arrival date at customer’s shipping location and shall not be responsible for any delay or damage or non-delivery caused by the UPS or any shipping services. Customer will be responsible for full payment of the merchandise once the shipment is delivered to the shipping carrier. All shipments are made FOB and we reserve the right to make partial shipment.

Shipping & Handling: All orders are shipped via ground delivery unless specified otherwise in your purchase orders. Shipping & Handling will be billed at the time of shipping. All orders will be charged five dollars handling fee per box. All orders shipping to multiple locations are subject to additional five dollars charge per address. All orders ship on customer’s shipping account subject to additional five dollars charge. Orders shipped 3rd party shipping account will be automatically charge if the account is invalid.

Free Freight / Rapid Ship Terms: Your Order must specify shipping by Rapid Ship 2 Day or 3 day. Rapid Ship / Free Freight is available only for orders over $199 exclude Shipping / Printing & All other cost. Rapid Ship is available by our chosen shipping carrier only. Rapid Ship 3 Day $2.99 plus Ground Rates up to 35lbs box. Rapid Ship 2 Day $9.99 plus Ground Rates up to 35lbs box. Rapid Ship / Free Freight subject to change/cancel without notice. Rapid Ship is available within the Continental USA. Rapid Ship / Free Freight available on regular priced products only, not available for Super Value, Custom Express, Printing, Special Quotes etc. Rapid ship / Free Freight only available for web orders over $199 with minimum 12 pieces per style per color.

Screen Printing or Decorating: During printing or decorating process our products could shrink upto one size or more due to various heat process for decoration. Use proper decorating ink, method and temperature to reduce shrinkage and bleeding . Please order sizes accordingly. As we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any products which may shrink due to lettering, altering, printing or washing process. We will not be responsible for any damages occurred due to discolorations, bleeding, shrinkage, burning or melting during the screen printing process or any other decorating process. Size measurement will shrink or changed after decoration due to heating process and the garment may not be same as before printing and in such cases no claim will accepted as to size measurements.

Quality & Color Policy: We guarantee the workmanship of our garments under normal usage. Beyond normal & proper use garment stitches may break & may tear up cloth. Every effort is made to match dye lot colors. Shades may very due to lot variances & situations beyond our control. Colors and products displayed in the catalog and websites are only a guide and do not represent actual colors / products. Color variation from fabric to fabric, garment to garment do not constitute a defective merchandise. Due to various process of cleaning, decorating, heating and laundering, we cannot guarantee our products against discoloration and shrinkage. We cannot guarantee that fill-ins colors will match as fabric dye lots keep changing with new inventories, please order free swatches of fabric to see if the color is acceptable to you before ordering. You may order prepaid samples to see our quality of materials and workmanship or free fabric swatch to see fabric quality and colors before ordering to make sure our products are acceptable to your satisfaction.

Returns & Exchanges: Prior authorization and RA # is required and must be marked on the box before returning merchandise or it will be refused. We do not accept return unless defective but If for any reason merchandise approved for return will be subject to 35% re-stocking fee plus freight charges and if it was shipped using Free Freight / Rapid Ship, freight charges will be added to the re-stocking fee. We will gladly accept return if merchandise shipped are defective. Defective merchandise will be inspected by our staff before approving for replacement, repair or refund. If defective products approved for repairs or exchange we shall gladly pay only ground freight. If approved for return, merchandise must be unused and in original conditions. All approved returns must be shipped prepaid unless approved for defective products or repairs. No collect shipment will be accepted. You or your decorators and your customers (if shipped to third party) must inspect merchandise for correct items, quality, sizes, colors, quantity etc. before printing or decorating as no returns or exchanges will be allowed on merchandise that are lettered, screened or altered. Shortages, damage claims or shipping errors must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Shortage or damage claims will be not accepted if merchandise shipped to third party. We are not responsible for any loss or damages during shipment. All orders are made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged unless products are defective. No returns or exchanges will be allowed for reasons such as material, quality, workmanship, color, look, feel , fit etc. not up to your expectations. We are proud of our products and advise you to purchase samples before you order our products to make sure our products meet or exceeds your expectations.

Changes & Cancellations: All orders are made to order after receiving orders and therefore cannot be changed or cancelled after it has been cut. Any order before cutting if allowed to be changed will be subject to revised delivery date & price. All orders which are cut are for you to keep as they cannot be cancelled and will be shipped and charged full invoice even if the shipment or shipments are rejected.

Liability Policy: In any event, we shall not be liable for lost business, goodwill, profit of any kind whatsoever incidental, special or consequential damages due to non-performance of contract whether by negligence or otherwise. The only remedy available to our customers for non-performance of contract whether by negligence or otherwise will be exchange of products or credit or refund of the purchase price of the products. And if our company takes an action against the customer to enforce terms and conditions contained herein or because of the breach of contract or non-payment by customer, customer shall pay to us all attorney fees and collection cost. We shall not be responsible for delay or non-performance of any of our obligations results from situation beyond our control including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, floods, weather conditions, acts of god or any calamity whether man made or natural. We are not responsible for typographical and printing errors in our catalog.

Disclaimer: All of our products, prices, colors, specifications, availability, styles and terms are subject to changes without any prior notice. We reserve the right to correct any error without any notice. We do not guarantee that information contained in the catalog are error free or perfect. We do not guarantee to match our products, colors, styles and specifications with any other manufacturers or even previous orders. Hooray Sport / Force 2000 Athletic Apparel warrants that the goods are as described in this contract, but no other express warranty is made in respect to the goods. If any style, model, sample, picture, colors, fabrics, trims illustration etc shown to the buyer, that style, model, sample, picture, colors, fabrics, trims illustration etc was used merely to illustrate the general type of the goods and not to represent that the goods would necessarily conforms to the style, model, sample, picture, colors, fabrics, trims illustration etc.

Applicable Law: This contract shall be governed by the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted in the State Of California as effective and in force on the date of this contract. Any actions or legal proceeding arising out of this contract shall be brought, and will be subject to jurisdiction, in San Bernardino County in the State of California where we are doing business or if we move then at that county or state where we may be doing business if we moved.

Ordering: Please send your written orders by fax, mail or e-mail it to us. In order to process your orders without delay, make sure to provide all the necessary details such as style number, style description, fabrics, trims details & colors, quantity and sizes etc. We are not responsible for error in phone / verbal orders. If you need more information please call us and we will be happy to assist you and answer your question and provide product informations but we do not advise our customer what to purchase from us.